Alpacas Available to Adopt

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Caring for an animal can be very costly and time consuming.  Here at Alpaca Ridge Farms, we treat our Alpacas like family.  We feed them the most nutritional high quality grain and hay available. But proper nutrition is only one of the many important aspects that goes in to caring for these animals.  By adopting one of these beautiful and majestic alpacas, you will be directly contributing to the overall health and happiness of the alpaca of your choice. Proceeds will be distributed among food, shelter, veterinary care, farm and pasture upkeep, grooming and shearing, training, and the general every day needs of the alpaca. 

What you'll receive: A certificate of adoption from your chosen alpaca and a free Farm Tours for up to 4 people. 

The Farm Tours will include an introduction to the alpacas, feeding and interacting with the alpacas, and learning about alpaca care and ownership... all while enjoying the gorgeous surroundings of the farm. 

Contact us for more details about adopting an Alpaca from us.

Packages Range between $100-$200

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