Our Journey

Our Journey as

Alpaca Farmers

Welcome to Alpaca Ridge Farms. This section we will post about our experiences, lessons, and also the hard times we’ve had with Alpaca farming.

May 19th 2021 – Arrival of My First Herd (Males)

We have just began our adventure with 6 male alpacas. Two of our males are registered in both Canada and the United States. Four are registered in Canada. Since meeting and learning about Alpacas over the past two years these gentle animals have stolen our hearts. The decision to purchase and share the therapeutic experience was an easy one. They all carry great genetics with heavy crimp, and very sociable coming from show backgrounds.

July 17th 2021 – You Cant Have Crias without Females

After starting to get more comfortable with vaccinations and after seeing how successful sheering day can be with the proper tools and volunteers, we decided to think what we wanted in the future. The answer was Cria’s but most importantly we wanted to help improve Canada’s Alpaca fiber Industry. We set out looking all over Ontario for Females that could be a perfect match for our sires who were already proven for colour and their straight posture. We welcomed Chloe & Ally from Owen Sound and also Shona and Nova who both are bred for late summer 2020.

August 14th 2020 – A Series of Unfortunate Events

The race was on come August, Shona & Nova were bred a day apart so we expected a very close delivery date. Unfortunately that was not the case as today marked Shona at aprox. 330 Days. Very uncomfortable we knew it was coming, 410 PM the cria wasn’t progressing but legs were visible. Dylan worried stayed close taking all the advice from our Mentor OH Alpacas over the phone. At one point the conversation went quiet with the only advice left was to get a vet to the farm ASAP. With crowd by standing Dylan pushed nerves aside and managed to get the crias nose dislodged and free to breath as Shona was eased of the pain but still confused as she was a first time mother. We later found out his umbilical cord premature ripped and that’s what sped up his birth. The next three days were exhausting for all family members as we tried are hardest to give this spark a flame, again unfortunately we lost the battle to a handsome premature dark brown Cria we named Tucker.. May he Rest in Peace with his Dad who all passed this year at a separate farm.

August 27th 2020 – A Blessing in Disguise

More info coming soon.

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